Friday, August 09, 2013

The name of Macedonia is NOT a matter for the Greeks

It is imperative that Greece withdraws from negotiations immediately.

The Macedonian Affair is becoming a load that threatens to plunge humanity into a new and unprecedented atrociousness and there will be hell for humanity to pay. From the instance some powerful notables decided – for reasons of political expediency – to ignore the science of history, they actually opened the sack of Aeolus, unaware of the consequences they would be called to deal with in the immediate future.

In such occasion, we consider it certain that the problem will come back to haunt them. They will be called to deal with it anew because it is certain that it will not go away once their needs are satisfied but it will remain and sweep everything, threatening with destruction. Once they have decided – for reasons other than historic or scientific need – to virtually give away the Macedonian identity to a group of people who do not satisfy the necessary conditions, it is certain that they have crossed theRubicon into a dangerous area that has no return. Once you cross this Rubicon, the world around you will never be the same again.