Wednesday, December 11, 2013


The GREEKS come from far and go even further!
This is our destiny, our fate. This is the "divine" Our mission: ¨ To humanize and make Greek the universe with chalice of people who have composed the "Ancient Greek Spirit" and  "Pan-humanity Civilization". This is our path. . . During this we must not forget what he said to Solon, the Priest Sonchis Egypt: "In your country was born the most beautiful and gracious (perfect) race!" (width: 'Timaeus', 236).

Phrases of foreign scholars for Greece

Where is the tomb of Alexander the Great ?

People need to use their heads in order to find it, not their shovels.

The biggest secrets in the world are best hidden when they are in plain view. In order to understand exactly what the case with Alexander’s tomb is, we have to think in the exactly opposite way than the one the system would like us to think. This means that we have to think in the exactly opposite way than we did so far, which did not allow us to really see what most likely is in front of us all the time. We can literally see the tomb in our mind if we close our eyes.
Besides, it is known that people can see things better if they use their mind instead of their eyes. Perfectly sighted eyes can be fooled by an illusion, whereas a great mind cannot.
Perfectly sighted eyes can see an illusionist actually cut a man in three pieces, whereas the mind sees a trick. Perfectly sighted eyes may see palm trees and oases in a desert, whereas a good mind sees them only when they are actually there.

DECLARATION - The Apollonian Spirit

“I am the primeval Apollonian spirit that came down from snow-covered peaks of history, the Male reason, the upright Doric order, the mythical old-age Law. I am the source of spiritual Radiation, Harmony, Discipline, Simplicity, and of fundamental Autonomy of every soul and people. I am the source of perfect Memory. I represent “to know thyself” and “nothing in excess”. I am the Golden Section, the Tetrad and the Anvil.