Wednesday, December 11, 2013


The GREEKS come from far and go even further!
This is our destiny, our fate. This is the "divine" Our mission: ¨ To humanize and make Greek the universe with chalice of people who have composed the "Ancient Greek Spirit" and  "Pan-humanity Civilization". This is our path. . . During this we must not forget what he said to Solon, the Priest Sonchis Egypt: "In your country was born the most beautiful and gracious (perfect) race!" (width: 'Timaeus', 236).

The secrets are now revealed to us, and knowledge becomes our super-weapon.

The Spirit of the Sons of Heaven is summarized inside the sacred Seven Commandments of Orpheus, namely:

1) ΟΥ ΦΩΝΕΥΣΕΙΣ ΤΟΝ ΣΥΝΑΝΘΡΩΠΟ ΣΟΥ (do not kill your fellow man).

2) ΕΣΟ ΟΙΚΤΙΡΜΩΝ ΠΡΟΣ ΟΛΑ ΤΑ ΔΗΜΙΟΥΡΓΗΜΑΤΑ (to have compassion for all creations).

3) ΕΣΟ ΑΓΝΟΣ ΚΑΙ ΣΕΜΝΟΣ (To be chaste and modest).

4) ΕΣΟ ΦΙΛΑΛΗΘΗΣ (To love the truth).

5) ΕΣΟ ΔΙΚΑΙΟΣ ΠΡΟΣ ΠΑΝΤΑ ΑΝΘΡΩΠΟ (to be fair to all people).

6) ΕΣΟ ΕΓΚΡΑΤΗΣ ΕΝ ΠΑΝΤΙ (always be abstinent).

7) ΕΣΟ ΦΙΛΟΞΕΝΟΣ (being hospitable).

We all have problems, but they should not hold us down since this is what they want the dark and seedy junk-forms of our earth. Let's get up, FINALLY, and united to win! This is what everyone is afraid of the HOLY and DIVINE UNITY of the Greeks.

Keep away from you any kind of fanaticism that comes from political beliefs, prejudices, sports, religion or whatever other separations, if the HELLAS (GREECE) goes well, all the world will go well! 

Zero out the non-communication between us, our UNITY is a necessity and needed more than ever! 

THE GREEK knows how to offer even when he doesn't have enough, he knows how to be hospitable even if he doesn't have the means.

THE GREEK knows how to give love even when he has his own problems and worries. 

This is what the Greek is.....cause he follows the thousands of years old DIVINE COMMANDMENTS that are fitted inside his genes....follows IMMORTAL CELESTIAL (URANIAN) ICHORA (ICHOR).