Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DECLARATION - The Apollonian Spirit

“I am the primeval Apollonian spirit that came down from snow-covered peaks of history, the Male reason, the upright Doric order, the mythical old-age Law. I am the source of spiritual Radiation, Harmony, Discipline, Simplicity, and of fundamental Autonomy of every soul and people. I am the source of perfect Memory. I represent “to know thyself” and “nothing in excess”. I am the Golden Section, the Tetrad and the Anvil. 
I am the portent of the new dance of purification, over the carcass of the snake that dark forgotten centuries have raised deep in the caves of earthly matter. 
I am now waiting for my greatest absolution. I want to sweep away everything futile 
and vain on earth with irresistible fight. Do not close off your chest, thinking and 
hearing.  Start now. Come join us on the vast plain,(…) where lie Music, Good 
Measure and Rhythm, which have coined everything that is superior, sweeter and 
bolder in your People and Peoples of the world. I am the river of the bright deity that 
calls You to be baptized again in Its immemorial crystal waters. 
Help me so I help You. Don’t you hear me? My roaring is now mature in the course 
of ages. Do not be late. Come, come: “Until when will I be calling you?.   
What our inspired poet has expressed as deriving from the depths of his 
historic Hellenic Consciousness, bequeathed us the duty to impart It all over the 
Earth, by means of founding the Delfiade. 
Today that Humanity goes through a dramatic fascistization of societies, in 
terms of appalling daily violence and irrational and predatory exploitation of natural 
environment, Hellas is called upon to become again the most reliable and uncontested 
flag-bearer of the Delphi Spirit, of Hellenic Values. The idea of Hellenic values as 
being necessary and timely in modern Humanity has been originally suggested by the 
President of the Hellenic Republic during the 1982 UNESCO General Assembly in 
We call upon those who are inspired by this primordial, value-built bridge of 
Culture and wish to become quasi contributors in reviving the Spiritual Light, to sign 
the declaration herein.              
                                                                                                ATHENS, 9/5/2013