Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ancient Greek Boat Model Argo at Sea Again


A model of the ancient Greek boat Argo will be placed on the beach of Volos in Greece at its familiar position on July 25.
This will take place after its long maintenance conducted based on the guidelines contained in the boat’s manual that was delivered by the company NAVDOMOS.
The boat’s launching will be held two days before the beginning of the 7th Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad that will take place from July 27 until August 5 in Volos and Larissa, with the participation of 180 students from a total of 33 countries.
The boat’s maintenance cost reached €20,000. The works that were done concerned prolonged maintenance of the boat, such as sandblasting and painting, replacement of the sails and maintenance of its 65 paddles.
The maintenance works started with a delay, as the first competition that was made for the assignment of maintenance works brought no result. The boat was ashore for a long time, as it was launched last December.