Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Elder Joseph of Vatopedi for IMF and Turks


A Prophecy Of The Great Armageddon That Is To Come 

This PROPHECY is actually written in greek.....and is translated by another poster in a web site.....Ntinos thank you... 

The Prophecy in greek reads like a poem ....but in translation it differs a little bit,but the meaning of what is to come is there....

This was wriiten by quote///''''the faithful by Elder Joseph of the Vatopedi Monastery of Agion Oros. The Elder is known to have the prophetic gift, and is still alive, living in the Monastery in Agion Oros(MOUNT ATHOS )In Greece...... 
The prophecy: 

Listen people all over the world/and you stranger, pay attention to what you are about to read... 
It is hard and sorrowful, but it is destined/all will come out as written . 
They were written by our fathers for the world to know/that from this 
war all that is spoken of will happen. 
So that all will turn to God and to confess / if one wants to save themselves and live happily. 
The fire will start from a small crisis / war cry is coming from Bulgaria. 
And very soon will Russia suddenly invade Turkey / And like a gushing waterstream conquers all of Persia. 
And going forth suddenly without great resistance towards Palesteine / The Antichrist wants to become God in this world. 
Then the nations of the West intervene / woe to the states of the North, which are all turned to dust. 
With great rage does the bear defend in Turkey/ which did great injustice to Greece, and turns into fire. 
In vain does the Bear try to hold the straights/ and in the end shall she stand no more. 
That is because from the East, Korea, Mantzouria shall Japan and USA invade/ and march full speed towards Sibera/ while in the west front shall Germany be victorious/ and then shall it be impossible for Russia to hold/ and shall abandon the Straights/Turkey and Egypt. 
The Bear is hit from everywhere/ and lives in a great rush/ like the undisciplined cattle 
Then shall the treacherous Turkey be defeated/ for she will commit great treason. 
Because, after she is conquered whole by Russia/ she will ally with her and Bulgaria/ For all Christians that live in the City (Constantinople) and in the neighbouring lands must all leave. 
For the City will burn/ and noone will remain alive in her. 
Only the temple will remain standing in her/ the temple of the God’s wisdom/ which will remain an eternal light of Holy Orthodoxy/ for which (the temple) the light will come out and illuminate the world/ for Jesus’s reign which the world awaits. 
The first phase of the terrible war is over/ all this terrible suffering is not enough, Lord? 
And then a new war will start to break out/ and woe to the man for what he has to suffer. 

The question of the City (Constantinople) will then again be once more in the middle/ and the world will be entangled and will not be able to untangle. 

Immeditately does sorrow kneel down to Crete/ and the passions and hatred get lit up. 
Since the powerful of the earth will be let down/ and then shall war happen, which none has ever happened/ woe to the evil ones for noone shall remain 
Then shall Greece neutral, and always disjustified/ her right will ask for/ and ready be/ without interfering. 
Then will she talk when the Lord’s voice/from the heavens is head for her to be given her right. Then the nations will be slaughtering each other with great ferocity/ in the vicinity of the City for the straights. 

Then will the calf be drown in blood / and then will the clean up begin of the wheat from the chalf. 
In the Sea where a ship is found will none remain/ and from the blood will the Sea become red. 
The City will burn whole, and not even a trace will exist/ of man carnalist because much has she commited 
Only the temple of the Lord’s Wisdom/ the Jewel of His Bride, His Holy Church. Three days shall the battle last/ and he who comes alive out of this shall have great luck 
18 Nations with great ferocity angered/ will be slaughtering without sense, bathed in blood. The third day exactly, those who are exhausted from battle still live will be startled to see/ up high in the Heavens in the right (direction) places/ that a star brighter than the Sun will be exist.
And from below the star a Cross will shine/ in flames, burning red, and startled will the States/ hear from the Heaven a voice/of an Angel, all out of a sudden, that will make them stand in one feet. 
The Weapons shall they drop to the ground, and frightered/ the star will be gazing little petrified. Stand for the Voice to be heard. Stand in one place/ For enough has the blood of man been shed. Rush to the right (direction) place/and follow the arrow that comes out from the Star. 
And there shall you find a holy/man of those who belong to me. 
Shepherd have I chosen him to me, so that he may guide my flock. 
Him have you also elected a shepherd, so that he may guide/my sheep, that wander alone without a home. 
Night shall My Voice be heard and the world terrified/ from My Voice that comes from the Salpigx and shall stay startled. 
And straight shall the arrow be directed towards the South in Greece/from where the heavenly light will shine like a torch. 
Then shall ambassadors reach Greece/with great delight shall Greece respond. 
Then shall Greece be awaked first with her army/ so that she will fulfil her holy purpose. 
To conquer without fight, her holy places/ which her enemies had conquered, and all the world acknowledges. 
Then shall the refuges with great delight/run to their places like flying eagles. 
Then shall the greek King, the chosen of the Lord/ which in everything shall be perfect and in the earth/ will rule with justice/ and the earth will take great delight in her constant peace. 
The weapons of war will turn into tools/ and plows for farming/ and peace and happiness. 
Will rule everywhere/ and like brothers people will live/ on the earth and will not ask/ one another human whether he is a stranger/ but will be called brother from Adam’s 
Greeks come back from the dead this is the truth/ don’t be outwitted by the unbelievers that it is false. 
All this will come, the time is getting closer/the universe is being terrified and you are not scared: the great plight is coming to destroy the wicked/ and from the earth without remorse to whipe them off. 
Take the decision and with great logic think/ if you want to live and forever be saved/ that you all repent and turn towards the Divine/ for no other that this is there salvation. 
The war that is coming has not happened before/ to such a great extent and so murderous, and neither shall happen again. 
If the wheat is not cleansed from the chalf / and the worms(virus) will burn like the dry grass.