Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fearful iPhone users viewed the screen to reverse and presents the Greek "E" see why!

 As we pointed out in our earlier post in October 2012 "Russians say: The technology of the iphone is alien - Videos " Today, in connection with this post us a fact has upset America. It involves several popular users of this device, but especially a woman who managed to immortalize the characteristic symbol he saw on the screen of the mobile.
On Friday evening shortly before midnight on April 18, 2014 in the city ... Tucamcari, New Mexico, east of Albuquerque, this symbol appeared for a few seconds in the middle of the screen of the iPhone. It was time that the same as her husband watched a white disk with shiny, red, green, blue and yellow lights as the lights in the Christmas tree, reports the same features, rotating quickly around the perimeter of a disk which was moving in straight down, from a high in the sky, directly to a position low to the ground, very near where the couple and two other young boys were in a parking lot. 
The symbol was seen by the woman while she tried to take a photo with her i phone of the unidentified object that was presented in front of them and immediately called her husband to see it as well. 
The symbol could be interpreted as a variant of the Greek "E" after the woman said as the entire screen of the device had reversed, the left pane displays right. 
 During the same period, the region, there have been many complaints that networks and computers malfunction in terms of their connection to the internet and similar reversal of their screen.

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